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    When you do something well, you get a reputation. And we're proud of ours. With decades of experience and our dedication to making your job easier, we deliver on your needs.

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    First in Class SERVICE

    Great service is part of our secret. You get senior level partnership from beginning to end, 24/7. We make your job easier, for total satisfaction.

  • Get to Know Us


    We pride ourselves on being problem solvers, not order takers. We've put a process in place for repeatability, quality and control that's proven to be truly innovative.

  • Get to Know Us


    We count time in hours and days, not weeks and months. Our experienced team develops, manufactures and installs unique in-store settings more quickly than others. We take as little time as possible, so you can get back to the business of selling!

  • Get to Know Us

    Easy To Transition

    We make it truly easy to transition. We assemble teams to organize and implement your projects for total ease of mind... Put your feet up, you're in good hands.


The foundation of our business is built on
teamwork, innovation and commitment. The result is a vision that is focused on providing a one stop solution for the food service sector, specialty markets, retail environments and brands, that drives sales and saves you money. We want to help you inspire your shoppers with practical innovation.   
Our Customers Say...

What better way to show our great customer service than to share what our clients have to say? Here is their response to the work we've done together. We extend the same service to all of our clients and all of their projects. Our dedication to making your job easier delivers on our goal of total customer satisfaction. Let's talk about your next project.
  • DGS Retail is a trusted and valued strategic partner. Their exceptional level of service is unparalleled. Rachel Altobello Dunkin Brands Inc.

    Dunkin Brands
    Mobile Order Pickup Counter
  • DGS has been a valuable partner over the years. In addition to the window graphics program they provide, they have also delivered a variety of other services, such as design, signing, décor and installation, that were essential to the success of numerous projects at our stores and our corporate campus

    RioCan Store
  • DGS was a valuable partner and was able to provide a large variety of products and services that were essential to the success of this project.

    Chestnut Hill Décor and Fixtures

Target Bicycle Racks

Target required a simple way for customers to remove bikes from their racks, maintaining the same space as their current fixture. We accomplished this by using shocks and struts, to allow customers and sales associates to easily lower and raise bikes from their holders.

Bed Bath and Beyond Vignettes

We were challenged to develop new Bedroom Vignettes to showcase displays for the ever-changing fashion of home décor. The solution was to use lightweight PVC material that is easy to transport and install, while looking like the real materials.

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Finding Solutions in Creative Ways

We're problem solvers, not order takers. We look for unique ways to save you money and time, without compromising quality. We've developed a process for repeatability, quality and control to ensure consistency across your entire project.

Yamaha Showroom

This unique stand was just one of the components for the showroom. The unit needed to be structurally sound to support the bike at an intriguing angle, to simulate the bike in action.

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TJX Corporate Office

TJX corporate wanted to create a vibrant and inviting interior, to instill pride and ownership in their team and brand offerings.

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Petco Specialty Fixtures

We designed, engineered and fabricated a wide assortment of fixtures, including these unique abstract trees.

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Because Time Matters...
We count time in hours and days, not weeks and months. Our experienced team develops, manufactures and installs unique in-store settings more quickly than others. 

Store openings and redesigns take as little time as possible, so you can get back to the business of selling!

  • 1159 Santa Claus Chairs in Production

Fiesta Mart Store Fresh 2019

DGS was one of several vendors approached to quote on Fiesta Mart's new décor program. We value engineered components for better value and provided samples for customer approval. We successfully won the bid. The first store was completed in under 4 weeks.

Reebock Store Exhibit

DGS was tasked to design a “Store Exhibit” at Mohegan Sun Casino from a simple rendering. Plastic materials allowed for speed and ease of installation. The finished product was delivered within 4 weeks. It took less than 2 days to install and less than a day to break down.

Harveys Supermarket Conversion

Southeastern Grocers required site surveys, layout plans, manufacturing and installation of their interior décor package within a very short lead time. All 60 stores opened on time and on budget.

Sears Customer Service Centers

Sears required new customer service centers that allowed customers to checkout and shop online at the same time. We designed fixtures from design intent drawings in a very tight timeframe.

BWW Gift Card Display

DGS designed a value engineered gift card display to fit Buffalo Wild Wings limited budget. Once approved, we had a 14 week window to produce and ship 1500 units, in time for the gift-giving season.

Taking the Stress Out of Changing Partners...

We make it truly easy to transition. You'll have one senior conversion leader as your contact and the immediate assembly of cross-functional teams. 

We offer a comparison presentation of existing versus value engineering solutions and "test" your store at contract/roll-out pricing for a risk free assessment. 

Our experienced and dedicated members organize and implement your projects for total ease of mind... Put your feet up, you're in good hands!
The Home Depot signholders were originally designed and engineered for individual applications. They became a standard part of the program, being used in every store. These signholders were the start of our Stock Product Catalog, allowing customers to easily implement cost-effective, tested solutions.
Home Depot
Store Signage Program
Our challenge was to value engineer the expensive, heavy, structural pieces suspended over the dining area. We fabricated the the unit from lighter, less expensive materials, saving them money and installation time. It was an easy decision to make this switch.
Buffalo Wild Wings
Ceiling Clouds
Sometimes a customer doesn't want the hassle of changing suppliers, even if it's worth it. We packed up samples of their décor elements and value engineered them. We recreated artwork, made prototypes and shipped them back to HQ. That won them over. It was definitely worth the switch!
Décor Program
Based on fixtures from another supplier, we showed how to value engineer their fixtures using less expensive materials and innovative manufacturing techniques. They decided to transition to us as their supplier. Our services include store take-offs and scheduling,making it a much easier process for them.
Specialty FIxtures
Dunkin corporate needed to let franchisees purchase approved art for their sites. We developed a Website Portal for them to order items independently. It was simple, included all elements and allowed payment, all online, to make it easy for franchisee owners.
Dunkin Brands
Website Portal

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